Abortion Against Women?


Roe vs. Wade.

A 1973 US Supreme Court Ruling that gave women the right to privacy in determining whether one wants an abortion or not. An opportunity for women to voice their opinions on their own bodies instead of having to suffer consequences from unwanted intercourse. A starting point for women liberation in terms of health and body which had been neglected since the birth of America’s history. A decision that impacted thousands of women both back then and today in the 21st century.

As a nation, we have progressed in many fields: technology, education, healthcare, and business. It’s no wonder other nations look up to us as a formidable opponent in terms of economic or military standards because we are fairly advanced in the world. America has developed a title of opportunity, reverence, and praise over the years as social controversies such as nuclear arms or immigration laws have been thoroughly altered to fulfill the current generation most fittingly. As of 2019, this concept of equality has been challenged a numerous amount of times as seen with the LGBTQ+ community early this month of June (Pride Month) and college scandals with the elite back in February. Surely, equality has progressed across a wide range of platforms but for some reason, our country always seems to leave one major group behind: women.

Yes, women are allowed to vote in national elections. Yes, women can receive pay at a workforce. Yes, women are allowed to run for high positions in business or politics. Yes, women are respected as mothers. Yes, women are less objectified as objects. Yes, women work in Congress. However, despite all of these alleged “rights” and “freedoms” women are still being mistreated as US citizens.

In light of the current controversy regarding abortion laws, most notably seen in Alabama, as of right now law enforcement clearly shows no justice for women as they are blatantly criticizing women for protecting their own bodies when they want to. The recent decision to make abortion unjustified in court even for rape victims shows how messed up our society is truly becoming. Not only is this decision unfair for women as victims it is also a gateway to greater health and crime risks as the concept of rape is gaining less stigma.

How does it make sense for doctors to submit up to 99 years of prison life for helping rape victims when rape perpetrators can pass this “accident” away with only a couple years in jail? This is clearly unacceptable.

This abortion law is not only a problem regarding female rape victims but also just women in general with consideration of their health. If a woman does not feel ready to take on the challenge of raising a child then it should be plausible that they decide what’s best for them in terms of both their health and the baby as well. Taking care of a child is not a simple task, and if women aren’t mentally ready for the task they should have the opportunity to stand up for themselves through favorable medical procedures.

Women are not maids or nannies in our society. They are independent figures of dignity who deserve the same rights men are obliged to maintain. Abortion, though a very sensitive topic, should not be misinterpreted in such a way that makes women become murderers. Abortion is a right, a liberty in which women can feel safe in their bodies and excused from public scorn for their choices.

Our country needs to mature. America needs to pull its strings together and advocate the very values our founding fathers have stated since the beginning.

Life. (A life in which women can live freely without discrimination or disadvantages)

Liberty. (The liberty for women to express their concerns or fears as an individual)

And the Pursuit of Happiness (Happiness to be the woman one wants to be)


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