UNC’s Hospital Crisis


The main goal doctors, hospitals, or any health-related program has is to maximize the life-rate as much as possible. Whether it’s a simple cold or an in-depth surgery, doctors have the responsibility to both recover their patients and keep them safe throughout the process. Almost 90% of their patients should be successfully treated as they leave the hospital from their stay. But what happens when almost 50% of the patients in a hospital, yes a hospital, experience problems in the operation room? What happens when death becomes a natural recurrence, for children in particular?

This is exactly what has been happening in North Carolina’s Children Hospital over the past few years behind the public eye. Not willing to release their data and admit to such results, the North Carolina’s Children Hospital has been a melting pot of disasters. Death rates have skyrocketed so high that it has placed the hospital in a position of scorn from both patients and the public as well.

As of late 2018, data has shown that “the hospital’s mortality rate for pediatric heart surgery was higher than those of most of the 82 hospitals in the United States that publicly report such data” (New York Times).

How could a hospital cause such chaos that even doctors who have children fear sending their kids there to get treatment? This is a major problem that needs to be investigated thoroughly by authority or else the medical system will collapse from distrust.

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