Planned Parenthood + Politics


On June 22, 2019, Planned Parenthood Action Fund will be interviewing several presidential nominees for the Democratic Party through an in-depth discussion of abortion and women’s health rights. Because abortion has been one of the most critical issues this past year, many agree that this controversial topic should be a fixed element of discussion during the upcoming presidential campaigns.

Operated under Planned Parenthood, this forum “is the first event in recent presidential campaigns singularly focused on women’s health” (New York Times). Unlike before, those running for office will now be obliged to finish this intimate interview to be considered for a role in US politics, at least for potential Democrat officers. Personally, I feel like this is a respectable process to engage in as this problem of abortion affects women directly. To create less tension in the future, I think it’s good for politicians to transparently be open with their opinions on the issue before they are selected as official nominees.

For women, in particular, this 2020 election is especially important as it will determine the fate of their rights and liberties as an individual. If they fail to persuade the nation that abortion should be legal, women will leave the debate defeated and helpless for the next four years again.

As a girl and as a woman myself, I stand by an authority who is willing to listen to the concerns of my fellow ladies and show action in doing so. I hope politicians, especially males, realize that women are not to be messed with in any circumstance whether given consent or not. Women deserve to be recognized by the virtues of America — life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — without being shamed. Planned Parenthood’s decision to start this forum is the wake-up call Americans need to protect the dignity of women in our present society as we progress to the year 2020.

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