Therapy… The Trendy Way


Mental health. An issue with so much stigma surrounding it that less than half of diagnosed patients seek help when needed. Too scared to get judged or too expensive to consider, patients all around the world are denying therapy services in which the latter decision only makes them grow worse gradually. Clearly, mental health patients don’t feel comfortable being vulnerable in public because of all the negative judgments so how can we find a solution to end this trauma? Well, there is one solution…

What about a one-on-one therapy under the private screens of Instagram? Interesting right?

Whether it’s taking refresher quizzes, understanding one’s personality, completing breathing exercises, or just simply reading therapeutic quotes, these are all forms of outward treatment that Instagram influencers (counselors, for better terminology) are trying to get users exposed to when aid is called for. While one hour sessions with one’s counselor may seem like the only optimal choice, it is also valuable to consider how much benefit comes from constant self-reflection and guided therapy activities that promote the same effect just online.

One of the most notable mental health counselors right now is Ms. Olivera who started her account back in 2017. Under the handle @lisaoliveratherapy, over 160,000 people are following her feed showing how media platforms for therapy are growing to become more popular as the generation continues.

Of course, despite the major flattery, this service has been receiving some have argued against such methods as being “too distant” and unreal for patients to experience but honestly, this may be the space patients want between their counselors to feel comfortable. We have to remember every patient is different. Denouncing this Instagram method as unreliable or stupid is rude to those who have truly gained something from the service. This is just another approach counselors have created to share their tips and advice for those who are struggling to both recover and reach for help. Instagram is being put into good use so why shame it?

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