Autism: All Are Welcome



Born with a disease or disorder, how unfair must it feel to be cast aside from what society deems “normal” without a given choice? Well, over 200,000 Americans in the US struggle under these circumstances in which communication and social interaction is impaired by default. 200,000 is not a small number. This indicates that 1 in 59 children are diagnosed yearly, basically meaning that if we were to combine two full-sized classrooms, two people would have autism.

Although there are hundreds of thousands of cases per year, people with autism have yet to receive support in various public settings as of recent. Luckily, the I.B.C.C.E.S. (International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards) has stated that investments in public spaces to give aid to autistic people have been in action over the past year. Advancing amusement parks with well-trained staff and sensory guides, more children can experience the excitement of these places without feeling left out or limited inability. Additionally, places like resorts, malls, and hotels have been equipped with such services to promote an all-welcoming factor as well. Sea World is one notable example.

Upon this news, more and more travel destinations have started to look into such systems so we’ll be seeing more options of communication in the upcoming years. Giving people with autism a chance to really enjoy what attractions offer, is a wholesome movement that should be continued until maximum aid is perfected.

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