Curved by the Gatsby Curve


With millions of people in the US, one would expect a relatively spread out distribution of wealth with the middle class gaining the upper hand. However, according to recent statistics, the top 1% of the population owns about 50% of the total wealth in the nation, shifting the poverty line more right than ever before. In other words, poverty has increased in part of this biased wealth consolidation and the middle class has lost its prestige over the years as well.

What happened to moderate-income equality? When did the rich become so elite? Why has society been stuck like this since the early 2000s? Can we change society?

These are all valid questions to consider as the recent economic spreadsheet has shown unfavorable results from many perspectives. For the poor, they have become more poor and disadvantaged. For the middle class, they have been subjected to more work and less money. And for the rich, they have been granted with private jets and billions of dollars in their bank accounts at the touch of their fingertips — probably wearing silk gloves.

This wealth distribution is not okay. The top 1% of the nation should not be sucking up all the money in the economy.

A change needs to be made, though it takes a national effort to complete such a feat. Let’s stop being curved by the Gatsby Curve and make a change in our income and status fairly from now on.


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