Women In Space


Waiting for Apollo 11 to make its first US debut in space, the members of the Kennedy Space Center team watch the launch anxiously in hopes of a successful journey. Of all the people there, only one woman is spotted amongst the crowd: JoAnn Morgan. Clearly, women are not fairly represented in the astronomical field. In fact, only eight notable females have been recognized for their achievements since 1969 because such restrictions have prevented them from gaining much more.

While men have received offers from various companies for work, women have been neglected from the space industry because they are supposedly not as intelligent or worthy as men. It has all boiled down to one conclusion: gender discrimination.

Women can’t be priests. Women can be presidents. Women can’t be leaders.

But, women can be sisters, secretaries, and followers.

We love universal equality…

In any circumstance, women are always let down because they don’t possess the natural qualities men have: aggression and … what? What qualities do men have that women don’t?

Going back to the space discussion I had earlier, fields like computer science, mathematics, engineering, and space discovery have been lacking in terms of gender diversity. Men tend to claim the highest positions, giving women the bones to the meat of the system in which they can only fall more apart without considerable effort. Any field, including STEM, should not be blatantly restricted to certain people aka men. Space exploration is not a one-man job, it takes hundreds of people to work together, including women.

Landing on the moon should not be a feat reserved solely for the men. Women also deserve the chance to engage in such a project as a leader as well, not trailing behind like a lost comet in the sky.

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