Hypnotized By Ads


Why do we pay $50 for a reusable water bottle?

Why do we pay hundreds of dollars for the latest iPhone?

Why do we pay thousands of dollars for the newest car or tv?


Why do we pay more than what is necessary? One word: advertising.

Formulated to draw you into purchasing their products, businesses use special advertising techniques to get customers interested all the time. Claiming that their items are “revolutionary” or “never before seen”, these terms are only bait of the true quality their products are worth.

The human mind is fixed into believing that the more the better, the less the worse. And to fit in with society, one must fulfill the goals financially to be accepted. If everyone has an iPhone 8, an individual will most likely purchase one in hopes of feeling relatable with them. Taking advantage of this mindset, this is the exact reason as to how businesses are so successful because as soon as they capture one person, they can capture hundreds in a few days.

In a sense, marketing is like a virus that continues to grow as more people fall short to the itchiness of desire.

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