25 One to One Devices, 1 Teacher


In today’s society, it is impossible to neglect the fact that we are headed towards a digital future. So, why should our education system be trapped in the past? The implementation of one to one devices in classrooms is a necessary step to preparing our students to become members of an ever-changing, technological society. With one to one devices, we will be able to close the existing achievement gap, improve classroom experiences, and prepare future generations for a digital tomorrow. 

One to one devices close the achievement gap between affluent, successful students and those who are unequipped with the tools to succeed. Based on a Stanford Education study, only 3% of teachers in high-poverty schools claimed that their students had adequate digital resources. We must bridge the achievement gap with digital equity because no student should have a deficient education because they lack the right resources. 

One to one devices enhance the learning experience by making class time more efficient and engaging. Devices enable students to access a plethora of resources and learn more efficiently. As a result, teachers can take advantage of freed up time to make class more productive. The Pearson Foundation found increased engagement in classrooms with technology compared to those without it, consequently boosting academic performance. 

One to one devices prepare students for the digital future. The tech industry is now one of the largest sectors of our economy. Experts from the National Academies of Sciences recommended an integration of technology in education, and at the 2016 World Economic Forum, a popular idea discussed was that educational reforms are necessary to help students become accustomed to the future’s demands.

(Co-edited by my friend, Rachel Ryu)

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