Mass Shootings Need to Stop


215 days have passed. 255 mass shootings have occurred. Let that sink in.

Has the government done anything? Has stricter gun legislation been passed? Has change actually been made?

Well, this past weekend provides a pretty clear answer.

Lives after lives have been lost this year. The numbers are endless, like a snowball running down a mountain, only getting worse as we near the end of 2019. Families have been broken up, hearts have been crushed, prayers have been made, yet still, nothing has changed since the first shooting.

How many more deaths will it take for the government to finally realize and take action on this crisis? This trend is an epidemic. This issue is a life or death debate.

I’m tired of the government’s lack of action these past few months. Gun control needs to be strengthened.  And there’s no gray area in this decision.

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