Milk, But Different


Cow-free dairy milk has always been an issue for lactose intolerants. While milk alternatives, such as almond milk, cashew milk, and soy milk have been made, many health scientists have noted that such “milk” products are good but lack the essential nutrients and chemical properties that make milk important for the body. Because plant-based milks are made through a process in which plants are broken down and their proteins are reconstituted in water, to resemble the fluid from a lactating bovine, such milks aren’t true to the characteristics of real milk.

In fact, various customers have mentioned concerns with these vegan milks and dairy products as they taste terrible. Additionally, the consistency and textures of these vegan milk products often yield undesirable results as seen with a runny grilled cheese sandwich.

For scientists, this “milk alternative problem” has become an intriguing puzzle to solve as hopes for the impossible to become possible have catalyzed. Two labs, in particular, one in Boston called Motif and another called Perfect Day, have taken this challenge in perfecting a recipe for lab-made dairy. Sooner or later, we will be able to see batches of ice cream labeled non-dairy or lactose-free, but this time it will be delicious and actually good for you.

Moo-ve out dairy milk, lab-generated milk is coming your way.

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