(AR) T


Beyond the iPhone, Apple has released several innovative products that have drawn flattery from both users and critics for its artistic elegance. Stunning retina displays, sleek glass hardware, and soft buttons, Apple has constantly delivered devices that radiate in beauty and simplicity.

With so much artistic potential, Apple has teamed up with the New Museum to create an AR gallery display featuring select artists: Nick Cave, Nathalie Djurberg, Hans Berg, Cao Fei, Carsten Höller, Pipilotti Rist and Mr. Giorno. Located in Central Park, New York City, the AR gallery is an “open-air, virtually accessible exhibit” in which tourists can experience a new dimension of art. Instead of the typical enclosed buildings that hang frames of art throughout the room, this exhibition is an innovative touch to the already popular gallery walks with AR technology.

Viewers who are interested in this experience are given headphones and an iPhone (specialized for this purpose only) to guide them throughout the gallery scape. When viewers reach certain locations, works of art appear onscreen in front of their real-life surroundings.

Though new in idea, many have started to take interest in this art exhibition that screams art not in the normal “art” way but in the “(ar) t” way. Art crossed with technology, Apple seems to be inspiring a new movement in art showcasing what couldn’t be trialed earlier when both technology and ambition were not present at the time. Apple once again has started a trend. (AR) T.

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