How South Korea Flattened the Curve

BY: CLAIRE KIM Earlier this year, on January 20th, South Korea reported its first case of the coronavirus. Little did they know that this was only a sample of the pandemic; an eruption of cases would occur in approximately one month. By late February, cases reached the thousands. Over 900 cases were reported daily and… Continue reading How South Korea Flattened the Curve

DISINFODEMIC: an epidemic worse than COVID-19 itself?

BY: CLAIRE KIM Fake news feeds on paranoia. Devours such vulnerability, causing more pain and suffering than necessary. The truth becomes lacking. And all that is hopeful is pushed to the side, behind the worries prevalent in the air. This phenomenon is primarily seen during times of crisis: WWI, WWII, the Cold War, and most… Continue reading DISINFODEMIC: an epidemic worse than COVID-19 itself?

Ebola’s Curse, Corona’s Cure

BY: CLAIRE KIM This past week, news of a possible cure for the coronavirus has risen excitement and skepticism from the public regarding its true effectiveness. Called remdesivir, this antiviral medication was developed by the American biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, previously purposed as a cure for the Ebola virus in 2014. They have been conducting… Continue reading Ebola’s Curse, Corona’s Cure

10 Things You Can Do During Your #Coronacation

BY: CLAIRE KIM Be thankful. Each day, take the time to write a couple words or memories that summarize the little things in life you are thankful for in a little notebook. Try to do this every night right before you go to sleep maybe with some twinkling lights or soft music in the background.… Continue reading 10 Things You Can Do During Your #Coronacation

A Change in Lifestyle, COVID-19

BY: CLAIRE KIM Week 1: The first week of social distancing, I was emotionally very drained. I had just heard from my school that they had decided to cancel all school activities that were scheduled for the spring semester. I was looking forward to several of them, especially my California immersion trip, which mind you,… Continue reading A Change in Lifestyle, COVID-19

My Ethnicity is NOT a Virus

BY: CLAIRE KIM COVID-19, the most popular and most used word right now. This acronym stands for "Coronavirus Disease 2019". It's become the standardized term in defining this novel virus that has been circulating around the world over the past few months. No, it's not the "Chinese virus" or the "Wuhan Virus". No. And for… Continue reading My Ethnicity is NOT a Virus

Growth in Coronavirus, Loss of Healthcare Jobs

BY: CLAIRE KIM โ€œI certainly never thought there would be a day as a nurse that I would be filing for unemployment, so itโ€™s quite surreal for all of us,โ€ said Jess Poole, a nurse anesthetist from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Well, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, this quote has become the new reality for many health care… Continue reading Growth in Coronavirus, Loss of Healthcare Jobs

Coronavirus? College Admissions?

BY: CLAIRE KIM SAT. ACT. GPA. Three three-letter words that help make millions of decisions for college admissions officers during the fall. They're weighted so immensely in the college database that almost all juniors plan to submit such test scores or numerical rankings to colleges in hopes of receiving acceptance. For decades, these stats have… Continue reading Coronavirus? College Admissions?

COVID-19: A Race Against Patience

BY: CLAIRE KIM "Flattening the curve." Politicians. Health officials, Administrators. We've all heard them advocate this phrase since the dawn of the Coronavirus. It's a trend that, if accomplished, can mitigate fears and risks within the second half of the year. The main focus of this plan? Social distancing: sacrificing time spent outdoors so that… Continue reading COVID-19: A Race Against Patience