Tick Tock, COVID-19 Clock


Just yesterday, during a Facetime call, my friend said these words: “Oh my god, how is it April 28th already? It felt like we just started April a couple days ago…” And truly, the month of April seems like it passed by in a whirlwind.

Right now, the pace of our lifestyles is irregular. Our 8:00 am alarm clocks to get ready for the day are snoozed till the last second; our 2:00 pm class dismissal bell is absent; and our so-called “extracurriculars” have been dialed off till the end of the quarantine. All scheduled activities in our lives have lost their rhythmic pattern. Even the days of the week have lost their charm as the weekdays and weekends have blended together. Mondays are now Saturdays. And Fridays are, well, Fridays with no weekend to really look forward to.

Though we may have scheduled zoom calls or online classes to attend, these tasks don’t demand nearly the same amount of rigor or attention that was present in the past. And no, it’s not because the assignments got easier, but rather we have lost motivation to keep going on pace because our own internal clocks are on pause at the moment. Our brains can’t help but move slow when the second, minute, and hour hands are lagging behind as well.

Honestly, time nowadays feels so surreal. One moment I’ll feel overwhelmed from multitasking and the other moment I’ll feel drained of time’s slow progression. It almost feels like we are stuck in a hamster’s cage, in which time is not set in intervals but rather an endless cycle of oblivion.

It’s fair to say that I’m slowly going insane.

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