A Change in Lifestyle, COVID-19 (Pt. II)


Week 5: So it’s week 5 of quarantine, and I’m happy but also sad to say that I’ve adapted to this stay-at-home lifestyle. Waking up at 7:49 to attend class at 7:50 has been a daily routine of mine, which I know is not something to be proud, and watching films recommended by my beloved English teacher, shout to Mr. Van, has also been quite the entertainment as well. This past week of break, I’ve been taking some time to really slow down and share family memories. This break from online school was definitely something I needed. More than just avoiding the pressures of homework and tests, I needed some time for myself, to recognize that everything was going to be okay.

Week 6: Well, hello, online school. This week can be summed by one word: academic stress. Because school was recently announced to transition to full-online school, many, if not all of my teachers, turned up the intensity of the workload this week. Visually, one can perceive my condition as drowning in schoolwork, papers, and essays to finish. This week was truly one hell of a mess. During the weekend, however, I did experience some slow down for once, and I even attended a virtual information session with Washington University of St. Louis, where they discussed topics such as college admissions and campus culture. This virtual information session would’ve been one of the booths at my school’s college fair for juniors; however, as we all know, in this current situation, it would be impossible to pull off.

Week 7: Now, we are entering the last week of April! Wow, time went by so fast I can’t even remember what exactly happened this month. (Peep, my recent blog about the diffusion of time because of COVID-19 haha). First off, I would like to rant about the whole Huntington COVID-19 protests that have been going on this past week. I understand how many individuals, especially small business owners, have been greatly affected by the nation-wide shutdown of businesses because of the coronavirus. Their steady trail of income has halted, while living expenses are still present. But, if protesting without masks and with physical contact is the approach to express this anger, it is unacceptable. This behavior is ignorant, ignorant to those health workers who have been risking their lives to end the spread. Individuals participating in this event need to realize that holding signs that say messages such as “F*** the Coronavirus”, “COVID-19 is a LIE”, “Social Distancing = Communism” are basically pointing a middle finger to all health workers and their efforts. This pandemic is not a joke and in fact, the more outside activity we do, the longer the shutdown will be instituted. Now, enough with this rant. What happened in my personal life? Well, nothing much except I did have my first big argument with my parents. Talking it out yesterday, it seemed like the argument blew up because of all the stress we have been accumulating over this past month.

Now, it’s week 8. AP exams are coming up in about two weeks, and I’m nervous. In regards to the coronavirus, however, I am hopeful. Like I said last week, I have faith that this virus will come to an end soon as countries like Korea and China have been showing flattened curves of confirmed cases.

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