Our Masks Remove Another Mask?

BY: CLAIRE KIM David Matsumoto, a psychology professor at San Francisco State University, states that "facial expressions of all kinds are a very important component of human interaction". And truly, I agree with this statement, but only to a certain extent. Just as how text messages are limited in expressing one's personal emotions, the covering… Continue reading Our Masks Remove Another Mask?

Drowning in work… Detrimental to our mental health

BY: CLAIRE KIM Last night, I spent 2+ hours listening to my mother rant about her frustration with her stay-at-home office duties. "I'm tired" she would say, and, to no surprise, a sigh would follow up. It was clear that the 2 decades spent working under money-hungry bosses and being neglected for pursuing her ambitions… Continue reading Drowning in work… Detrimental to our mental health

Mental Health, Walking on a Tightrope

BY: CLAIRE KIM As COVID-19 approaches a second wave, the effects of, once again, quarantine, social distancing, and isolation are bound to proliferate worsening mental health for many individuals. The idea of having to be careful, but also be alone for another few months is daunting, and it almost feels like we are compelled to… Continue reading Mental Health, Walking on a Tightrope

Socioeconomic Status + Sleep Deprivation = Alzheimer’s?

BY: CLAIRE KIM According to research done by Jama Network Open, "For each one-point increase on the scale of socioeconomic deprivation, there [is] an 8 percent increase in the odds for Alzheimer’s brain pathology." Alzheimer's and Socioeconomic Status... how do they relate? Alzheimer's is a progressive brain disease that destroys certain cognitive functions and results… Continue reading Socioeconomic Status + Sleep Deprivation = Alzheimer’s?

Beijing Restraint, Better Approach?

BY: CLAIRE KIM Just over seven months ago, the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan was abrupt and unexpected. The Chinese government seemed to grapple the situation largely through a policy of containment, keeping most if not all Wuhan residents in their hometown cut off from the mainland of China economically and socially. All interests… Continue reading Beijing Restraint, Better Approach?