3 Things I’ve Learned from COVID-19


COVID-19; a pandemic so unexpected, so real.

After months of experiencing the effects of COVID-19–illness, shelter in place orders, a transition to online formats, etc.–, I have taken some time to self-reflect on the status of our current world and society.

1. The “normal” we so desperately want to return to is truly a skewed facade. In fact, the pandemic we are suffering from has allowed us to change, advance, and call attention to problems in our society that we failed to address before COVID-19. Our ignorance of solving issues such as climate change, pollution, flawed government systems, power structures, and etc. have strayed us away from a society that is just, fair, and liberal for all.

2. Digital equity is a real problem. Families and individuals who aren’t equipped with internet access, technological devices, and even electrical power have been impacted greatly, losing opportunities that vary in extent. From failing AP exams due to a lack of internet proficiency to losing power to continue on with daily life, many individuals have finally realized the severity of the problem, leading to new initiatives for greater digital equity.

3. Some people are really ignorant. From the protests in Huntington Beach to the infamous protest of a white individual wanting a haircut, such cases have shown the lack of patience and care for the community some individuals have. Such values are necessary for the spread of the virus to stop as promptly as possible. It’s upsetting to see people use their white privilege or wealth to excuse themselves from CDC orders. The fight to end the virus requires all individuals to follow mandated guidelines.

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