A Second Wave?


Rumors about an upsurge in the coronavirus during the second half of the year have grown more intense than ever due to the heavy involvement of protest activity. The Black Lives Matter movement, though incredibly important to gain fair justice in our country, has drawn millions of citizens across the US to march down the streets, shouting for liberty and an end to black oppression.

Personally, I find the BLM protests as an essential form of advocacy. Clearly, past waves of opposition didn’t make a strong enough impact on the community as several blacks still die from police brutality or arson to this day. With individuals in their respective cities gathering in solidarity to fight the systematic framework of racism in our law, power systems, and courts, I believe that they should not be halted. In fact, they should be supported.

However, one thing we have to keep in mind during this fight for justice is to be cautious of the presence of the coronavirus. Though CDC guidelines have lessened in severity and strong fervor for the BLM movement has arisen, health is still a number one priority for ALL people.

Wearing masks, avoiding close contact, and staying at home if sick are not suggestions to prevent those individuals who are passionate about the movement. By keeping these suggestions in mind, the movement will be able to persist longer and maintain its momentum as the coronavirus lingers behind. If we aren’t careful about the spread of the coronavirus in our protests, a second wave will hit. And if this wave does occur, the passion, energy, and strength of the BLM movement will submerge and flow away from attention.

That’s the last thing we want after all the work we have put into this advocacy for justice.

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