I feel trapped.


When people don’t listen, frustration builds up.

All hope for reconciliation seems to be lost…

If you just got into an argument with a loved one, I feel you, I hear you. I am in the same muddied up situation right now.

No matter how many times I try to clarify myself, my words and intentions, none of it gets through because my supposed “listeners” aren’t listening. Trying just making things worse, and talking seems to turn all the guilt towards me for making things more self-centered when really they’re the ones who are too selfish to even listen for one second. And when I get emotional, distressed because of their ignorance, they point fingers at me saying I’m an individual who yearns for pity and comfort, a fake facade purposely put on to shift the situation to my favor. Essentially, they are calling me a manipulator, a deceitful person who loves to twist everything in my grasp.

What a belittling title…

And what makes this nickname even worse is that they enjoy calling me this. Diminishing my self-worth, I am no longer of value, and because of this triviality, I don’t deserve any attention.

What a perfect little strategy…

They’ve created an excuse to ignore me even longer without having to feel guilty or remorseful. Bravo. Truly, bravo.

What irony is presented here…

The individuals, who called me the supposed manipulator for attempting to become vulnerable and express my emotions, have manipulated the entire situation with one comment.

I am the bad guy. I am the mistake. And if I object to this comment, I am digging myself deeper into their hatred…

I feel trapped.

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