Baby Powder Battle


Yesterday, on June 23, 2020, Johnson & Johnson lost an ongoing trial in regards to the accusations of their talcum products containing asbestos, a heat-resistant fibrous silicate material that has consequently led many women to develop ovarian cancer. The woman who won the trial has been promised to receive over $2 billion in damages from Johnson & Johnson, which, though some say is too large of a fine, seems to be an adequate amount to wake up the company from their lack of health security in their products.

The importance of this trial lies in, one part, the victory of the consumer over a mega business. While several accusations have made before this year, all cases claimed were disregarded, unable to achieve many victories as many corporations have connections that often blur just court trials. For a business, like Johnson and Johnson, to finally earn retribution for their wronged policies and advertising, the myth that large corporations are always untouched has finally been negated.

Big businesses can be charged, but more than that, the charges pointed at them can be successful.

Personally, I believe that Johnson & Johnson’s demanded fine is reasonable.

“Six plaintiffs in the case died before the trial started, and five more women have died since the jury trial ended in 2018” (New York Times)…

Does this trial look like a minor mistake on Johnson & Johnson’s part? Because, quite frankly, there seems to be no wiggle room for them to pull themselves out of the situation without receiving some sort of repercussions. They deserve to lose the $2 billion lawsuit. Any large corporation that perpetually refuses to own up to their mistakes and reflect on their long history of trials and errors deserves to be fined to such a great extent. I mean, what impact will a lawsuit of a couple thousand dollars do to a company that has an annual revenue of $81.6 billion?

Exactly, nothing.

Women have been harmed. Women have passed away. And if such consequences are connected to the asbestos present in Johnson & Johnson’s talcum products, the company needs to be charged.

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