Second Wave? Or Continuation of First Wave?


“Before last Monday, the state hadn’t experienced a single day of 5,000 cases; now, it is averaging well over 5,000 a day — 5,475 over the past week. That is 33% higher than a week ago, despite the number of tests increasing 20% in that time.” (Mercury News)

Has California hit the second wave of the coronavirus? Or, is this just a continuation of the first wave? Whatever the case is, the facts are that the numbers are spiking, indicating a need for control to stabilize the surge of coronavirus cases erupting in the state of California.

During the initial period of the coronavirus in the US, from mid-March to late-April, California embraced a fulfilling title: the “model state”. Able to keep the coronavirus under strict control, avoiding extreme mayhem within counties, Governor Gavin Newsom was highly praised for his efforts and effective social policies that provided California a sense of stability and relief from the pandemic. Earlier this month, California aligned itself towards phase II, in which businesses could re-open, outside dining would be permitted, and social distancing rules would overall become less stringent as cases plummeted.

No one would’ve expected over 5,000 new cases to suddenly appear on the radar after weeks of decline and such exciting announcements in the news. This supposed, prolonged first or new second, wave truly feels like it came out of nowhere, and I’m flustered.

As a citizen of the state of California, I feel somewhat hopeless against this pandemic. After months of fighting this virus, staying at home under shelter-in-place orders, and practicing social distancing in public spaces, it seems like all my efforts have been “wasted” or “ignored” as no improvement has shown. Things only seem to get worse, and the idea of even attending school in the fall or finishing my last season of tennis seems impossible at the moment.

Life has truly been draining these last few months, and with cases surging right now as I type, I don’t know how I’m going to handle this weight of stress and anxiety again. I am scared.

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