Children’s Books… More Reality, Less Fantasy

BY: CLAIRE KIM Perhaps children are too exposed to a world in which rainbows and magic appear to solve all problems or concerns... Struggling? Here's a pinch of fairy dust to disappear from your problems. Feel threatened? Just snap your fingers and voila; everything is back to normal. Such ideals featured in children's books have,… Continue reading Children’s Books… More Reality, Less Fantasy

Snacking & Slacking

BY: CLAIRE KIM With shelter-in-place orders demanded due to the coronavirus, dietary pursuits have changed accordingly based on individual preference. Some have taken this stay at home opportunity to indulge in sweet and savory snacks, while others have taken a more ambitious route to lose weight and essentially "glow up" before the end of quarantine.… Continue reading Snacking & Slacking

A Forced Misconception

BY: CLAIRE KIM With shelter-in-place orders moderately lifted in the past few weeks, California's "hustle and bustle" culture has almost fully returned, at least in Santa Clara County. People are hanging out at Santana Row, shopping with friends at retail stores. Others are indulging in outside dining at restaurants now that the new restriction allows… Continue reading A Forced Misconception

Sex Discrimination Amidst a Global Pandemic

BY: CLAIRE KIM June: a month of celebration and appreciation for those LGBTQ+ members of our community. Trump Administration: denies transgender and abortion biased individuals as eligible for health care services by changing the legal definition of sex discrimination in the Affordable Care Act. This is just blatant gender discrimination. No one deserves to be… Continue reading Sex Discrimination Amidst a Global Pandemic

COVID-19, What’s the best cover-up?

BY: CLAIRE KIM For the last month and a half, CDC guidelines have highlighted some important health precautions to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus. Washing your hands before and after making contact, staying 6 feet apart from neighboring individuals, using hand sanitizer for quick cleanses, and most important of them all, wearing masks… Continue reading COVID-19, What’s the best cover-up?

Vaccine, Vulnerable to Success

BY: CLAIRE KIM According to the New York Times, there are over 125+ vaccines in process for development, 7 vaccines testing safety and dosage, 7 vaccines expanding safety trials, and only 1 vaccine experimenting its large scale effectiveness. As of right now, no vaccine has reached the final stage, phase IV: approved for public use.… Continue reading Vaccine, Vulnerable to Success

Police, please wear masks

BY: CLAIRE KIM Since the outbreak of the BLM protests across the country, several thousands of citizens have encountered physical altercations with the police, intended or not. Getting beaten by a baton for screaming for justice to burning their eyes from the overuse of teargas, protestors have suffered too great of injuries in the last… Continue reading Police, please wear masks