A Change in Lifestyle, COVID-19 (Pt. IV)


Week 13: Wow, I can’t believe it’s already summer. The last few months felt like a whirlwind ever since the surge of the coronavirus, and honestly, at times, I wished time would just slow down. As much as I hated online school, there was something so special about coming together on a zoom call and checking on one another, making sure that everyone was feeling alright and healthy during the pandemic. Sitting by myself with a screen at my face, my physical loneliness felt comforted by the voices of my classmates and professors. I will never forget these online zoom calls… In regards to my first week of summer, I really didn’t do much. To start off the week, my family and I took a short road trip to Half Moon Bay to embrace the saltwater air and sea breeze by the Pacific. It was a much-needed getaway from the constant seclusion in my room. For the first time in a while, I felt happy. Eating fish and chips by the pier, listening to summer bops during the drive, hearing the waves crash, and create seafoam, I loved every moment. And while I had to wear a mask the entire time, there was something so liberating about exploring the outdoors. I guess quarantine really made me miss nature in its natural form.

Week 14: With the CDC uplifting several shelter-in-place guidelines, social interactions and small gatherings began to take shape more frequently amongst my peers. Whether it’s going to the beach or hiking on nearby trails, social media grew more active again as people began to post their long-awaited adventures. I can’t say that I was entirely thrilled with this Instagram rush, however, as more than half of the posts showcased my classmates not wearing masks and not maintaining a social distancing of 6ft. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to follow the safety measures in place. They were created to ensure the spread of the virus would slow down or potentially stop, ultimately, allowing social interactions to occur normally once again. I want to be able to hang out with my friends without wearing a mask or worrying about social distancing. But, for this to happen, I need to be cautious and willing to sacrifice my desires now.

Week 15: As June continues to unfold, a lot of my social interactions have been limited to the time spent with my family, which I don’t entirely mind. Engaging in weekend afternoon BBQs and watching movies at night, such moments have spawned into long-lasting memories that I will never forget.

Week 16: Ugh, college applications. The infamous rising senior year summer of college and stress. I can’t say I’m too excited for the month ahead of me. The thought of having to stay up late at night, not watching TV with my family, but writing college essays is daunting and upsetting. I guess the one thing that might arguably be more upsetting than college applications is the sudden upsurge of confirmed coronavirus cases in the US. With California reporting nearly 2,000 new cases every day, it seems like the supposed “second wave” is starting to take shape in my state at this very moment.

I am scared. I am worried. But more than anything, I am frustrated, frustrated by the fact that this unnecessary wave had to occur because of individual ignorance.

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