(Hopeful) 4th of July


Today celebrates the day America declared its independence from Britain, a pivotal moment in America’s history as a country. But as celebratory as this day is, I want to remind all of us that the current situation of America is something we should be concerned about, ponder about, and vocalize about with the supposed “voices” we have.

I hope that today’s festivities will be executed safely and respectfully, keeping in mind CDC guidelines during this time of the pandemic.

I hope that minorities will be able to grow an affection for America as strong as that of white supremacists in our country who firmly believe that it is still okay to look down on those of different skin colors.

I hope that Generation Z, at least of all generations in our modern world, will take a stance in American politics, voting in this year’s election without hesitation.

I hope that those ignorant enough to claim that “all lives matter” while still looking down on the “black lives matter” movement will realize the hypocrisy behind their claims.

I hope that our president will embrace ALL people in America as rightful citizens instead of showing bias to a certain race.

I hope that the criminal justice system is reformed, preventing police or any other high-ranking government officials from abusing their powers unrestrained.

I hope that the Asian-American community can feel less targeted and more included.

I hope that those hurt by racist comments understand that their race isn’t the problem, but rather the perpetrators of such comments.

I hope that families split apart because of restricted visas or forced detainment at US borders will be able to reunite, sharing love and memories together.

I hope that those suffering from deteriorating mental health will find comfort in their loved ones amidst the chaos of the coronavirus upsurge.

I hope… I hope that America will change.

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