Africana & Advocacy. Apparel & Accessories.


Yay! Part III!

Let’s celebrate those brands that embrace their Africana culture and/or promote the Black Lives Matter Movement!

(For those who have not read my previous posts, just for your information, I do not take credit for coming up with these ideas) 🙂

Huge credit to Refinery 29 for the inspiration!

African Admiration

1. Maki Oh // “Founded in 2010 by Amaka Osakwe, Maki Oh is a womenswear brand that fuses traditional African techniques with detailed contemporary construction”

2. AAKS // “Designed and Crafted in Ghana”

3. Andrea Iyamah // “Eccentric Styles. Ethnic Cultures. Unique Designs. Inspired by Color.”

4. Asate Maisé // “One of a Kind Patchwork”

5. KENNETH IZE // “At KENNETH IZE we focus on reinterpreting examples of Nigerian craft to create an original perspective on luxury production within textile and fashion”

BLM Advocacy

1. Pyer Moss // “Pyer Moss founded in 2013, as mens and womenswear fashion label concerned with building a narrative that speaks about heritage and activism”

2. Renowned LA // “Heroes of Blackness”

3. America Hates Us // “Make America Hate Again”

4. Studio 189 // “Studio One Eighty Nine is a social enterprise that provides a platform to help promote and curate African Fashion”

5. Coco and Breezy // “Protecting Eyes with Modern Style”

I hope you guys enjoyed my short, yet informational series!

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