When Releasing the Vaccine is TOO Rushed


“The bottom line is I have absolutely no faith in the F.D.A. and in the Trump administration,” said Joanne Barnes, a retired fourth-grade teacher from Fairbanks, Alaska, who said she was otherwise always scrupulously up-to-date on getting her shots, including those for shingles, flu, and pneumonia. “I just feel like there’s a rush to get a vaccine out, so I’m very hesitant.” (New York Times)

If there’s anything President Trump and his following administration is more concerned about, it is the prospect of releasing a coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible, ASAP. In fact, this release date is so important because it will define President Trump’s competency in handling the drug without the CDC, which, when announced, did not marinate well with the public. If President Trump can successfully find and distribute an effective vaccine, he will use this “feat” to prove himself as a dependable candidate during his run for the presidency later this fall, leveraging his chances of winning in the end.

It’s obvious that the Trump Administration’s rushed handling of this vaccine is all for the benefit of President Trump’s political campaign. They know that by finding this long-awaited vaccine, they can sway those supporters who left the “Let’s Make America Great Again” pool earlier and potentially gain newer supporters as well.

Personally, seeing this again and again on the news I am absolutely aggravated.

Just as how religion should not be involved in politics (state vs. religion), healthcare should also not be involved in politics as well. The fact that the Trump Administration has cut off the CDC, manipulating the situation to look like they are the “health heroes” to be praised, is unacceptable.

Finding this vaccine, while obviously great if found quickly, should be approached in a timely manner, making sure that it is truly safe and reliable when tested on the general public.

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