Bzzz… You’re Not 6′ Apart


As stores and recreational activity centers begin to open up across the United States, health measures unique to each ground have been set in place for the sake of visitors’ and workers’ health.

For the Magazzino Italian Art Museum located in Hudson Valley, the art center demands all museum-goers to reserve one of ten spots open for visitation online to ensure that the population of visitors in the museum on a particular day isn’t overcrowded. Once such reservations have been made and the day for such visiting has come, visitors are then subjected to follow the building’s safety protocols. First, before entering the building, all visitors must get their temperatures checked, making sure that no signs of fevers or any other symptoms of the coronavirus are present. Once such health screening is completed, visitors are then required to wear a lanyard with an attached EGOpro Active Tag. This device is special in that it buzzes every time a person breaks the “6′ apart” rule, really emphasizing the idea of social distancing in an enclosed space.

One recent visitor of the “upgraded” Magazzino Italian Art Museum, Ted Loos, described his experience as a moment of annoyance but also realization. He said, “I misjudged my spacing quite a few times, and the incessant buzzing was annoying. But that’s the point, of course. It made me retreat and quickly.” (New York Times)

One particular comment that really stood out to me from his reflection was when he said, “I’ve been cheating, and it’s likely you have been too: Six feet apart is a lot farther away than most people seem to hope it is.” (New York Times) And truly, I can whole-heartedly agree with this statement. Though the perpetual announcements and posters to maintain social distancing have readily come to my attention, I’ve often found myself not really following such protocols, whether it’s walking to parks on crowded sidewalks or looking for certain items in a tight grocery store lane.

It’s hard, it really is.

Personally, I find the ECOpro Active Tag to be an amazing technological application, one that should be used more frequently during this time of the pandemic.

However, I can’t deny the fact that it will be very irritating and frustrating to hear a buzzing sound all the time, especially for a person like me who already turns off all phone notification sounds because of the ringing noise.

It’s up for debate for me.

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