USPS is a Service NOT a Business

BY: CLAIRE KIM As a result of the impending coronavirus pandemic, businesses across the United States have filed for bankruptcy or lost federal support. It's not shocking that mainstream businesses such as Home Goods, California Pizza Kitchen, J.Crew, and Sur La Table have filed for bankruptcy within the past few months as consumerism has dropped… Continue reading USPS is a Service NOT a Business

Reference this list to see if your hand sanitizer is safe!

BY: CLAIRE KIM Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of companies have been producing hygienic products with two potential hopes: to help those in need or to help their brand because of the high demand. Essentially, for those companies following the latter sentiment, they are more interested in profiting than actually giving back to the community,… Continue reading Reference this list to see if your hand sanitizer is safe!

After the Pandemic: Change or No Change?

BY: CLAIRE KIM Yesterday, my father asked me a supposed difficult question: "Claire, do you think people will change or revert back to their normal ways of life once the coronavirus pandemic ends?" Well, from my perspective, the obvious answer is that people will NOT change once everything falls back into place. The simple explanation… Continue reading After the Pandemic: Change or No Change?