Stop and Meditate


As quarantine continues to prolong, the stress of staying at home 24/7, losing opportunities for social interaction, can be depressing at times. To help cope with such adverse effects, I’ve compiled a list of four types of meditations you can pursue in the comfort of your home. Based on how you’re feeling or what you prefer, I promise there is a meditation technique somewhere out there perfect for you. If any of the four options don’t look admirable, I’ve attached links to some amazing websites that curate meditation techniques down below! Hope this blog post is informational but also interesting!

Remember, if you’re feeling stressed… Stop and Meditate!

1. Butterfly Hug
Need to calm down or relieve surges of stress quickly? This method is perfect for you. Considered a “bilateral stimulation”, the butterfly hug essentially self-soothes one’s anxieties through a distinct routine. Simply cross your arms over your chest and tap your shoulders gently while breathing in and out. I’ve seen this technique in practice in a show that I’m currently watching called “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”, having tried it, I can guarantee you that it works!

2. Metta Meditation
If you feel alone or not loved, this is an easy yet effective form of meditation designed to relieve such thoughts. While breathing deeply, close your eyes, and open your mind. Be aware of all those individuals in your life who have affected you, both negatively and positively, showing compassion and forgiveness to all you have encountered. Repeating this meditation multiple times will eventually establish an attitude of loving-kindness.

3. Kundalini Yoga
For those in pain not only mentally but also physically, this is the meditation for you. The purpose of this meditation is to be active, completing different stretches to release tension in the body, which, in turn, relieves anxiety and depression as well. Usually done in a group with a leading individual upfront, this meditation can definitely be done by yourself as long as your willing to.

4. Zen Meditation
If your mind is clouded with thoughts, subconsciously causing moments of anxiety here and there, zen meditation is your ideal choice. Though it is usually associated with the Buddhist religion, I’m telling you now, you don’t have to be Buddhist. Think of this meditation as an exercise of mindfulness, just being open and reflecting without judgment. Sit in a comfortable posture, ideally criss-cross, and close your eyes. Breathe in and out, and try to embrace your surroundings as well.

Want more types of meditation? Check these websites out!

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