U Can Help USPS


So, if the USPS is at risk of getting defunded, what can you do to minimize such a risk?

Firstly, you can purchase stamps either from their online website or in-store at a local USPS office. Buying stamps is our method of paying USPS for sending mail, so, if you have the spare change, paying a few extra cents for some stamp sheets is one of the best ways you can directly “fund” USPS without too much difficulty.

Secondly, you can text USPS to 504-09, essentially allowing you to show your representatives your support of USPS and its services through a quickly drafted message. Along with signing petitions, this is a very easy, yet efficient way to get your voice heard amidst the hundreds of thousands of people who are fighting for change as well.

Thirdly, you should request and use your absentee ballot as soon as possible that way if any delivery strain occurs nearing the election date, you will have already prepared a ballot to vote upon. Voter suppression is real, and so by not taking action to vote ahead of time, who knows if you’ll get to voice your support in time for the election. To be safe, considering the situation of USPS right now, ask for an absentee ballot and alleviate the strain of mail delivery as a result of the “low-cost” policy. It’s really not that hard.

Other ways you can take action:

1. Sign petitions!

2. Call both your senators at (844) – 402 – 1001

3. Spread the word!

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