Dear President Biden,


Given President Biden’s Inauguration occurred this past week, I would like to make note of some actions I would like to see under his administration.

  • Pandemic playbook, detailing his plans and initiatives to effectively end the coronavirus pandemic
  • Economic relief for those individuals who have been and are still severely being impacted by the ongoing global health crisis
  • Rational response to climate change (I am aware that he pledged and signed the Paris Agreement; however, this is just the first step to fighting climate change. Climate change is a problem that expands beyond simple actions or decisions and will demand consistent care to actually remedy.)
  • Policies that will foster unity amongst all peoples; foreign and domestic relations
  • Genuine interest and promotion of mental health awareness/reform
  • Greater efforts to promote racial and cultural equality
  • LGBTQ+ community support
  • Greater funding and aid for the health care industry as they begin providing vaccines for the coronavirus in the coming months
  • Informal listening sessions with citizens who want to share their voices and/or concerns
  • Considers “diversity” and “inclusion” when making executive orders

Though somewhat worried about the large burden President Biden will have to endure due to President Trump’s incompetence/lack of progress during his presidency, I look forward to the small and big steps the Biden Administration will take over the next four years.

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