Are Electric Cars Really the Green Future?

BY: CLAIRE KIM In my environmental ethics class this past week, I was asked to answer this question: Electric vehicles appear green, but there remain problems with obtaining raw materials (cobalt), production, and recycling their lithium-ion batteries. Is it more ethical for society to focus on solving these drawbacks before developing more electric vehicles, or… Continue reading Are Electric Cars Really the Green Future?

USPS is a Service NOT a Business

BY: CLAIRE KIM As a result of the impending coronavirus pandemic, businesses across the United States have filed for bankruptcy or lost federal support. It's not shocking that mainstream businesses such as Home Goods, California Pizza Kitchen, J.Crew, and Sur La Table have filed for bankruptcy within the past few months as consumerism has dropped… Continue reading USPS is a Service NOT a Business

Reference this list to see if your hand sanitizer is safe!

BY: CLAIRE KIM Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of companies have been producing hygienic products with two potential hopes: to help those in need or to help their brand because of the high demand. Essentially, for those companies following the latter sentiment, they are more interested in profiting than actually giving back to the community,… Continue reading Reference this list to see if your hand sanitizer is safe!

Moderna Might Work

BY: CLAIRE KIM "On Monday clinics around the country began a Phase 3 trial of the vaccine candidate from Moderna, a biotech company based in Massachusetts, with the aim of enrolling 30,000 people to test for safety and effectiveness." (New York Times) Currently, the coronavirus vaccine, Moderna, is undergoing the Phase 3 examination period, a… Continue reading Moderna Might Work

Apple/Google Maps, Is It Open?

BY: CLAIRE KIM Due to the unique circumstances of the pandemic, within the past several months, hundreds of stores and restaurants have been forced to temporarily close across the nation. Hard for business owners themselves as they are unable to profit or maintain a steady stream of income during their "hibernation" period, this shut down… Continue reading Apple/Google Maps, Is It Open?

Bzzz… You’re Not 6′ Apart

BY: CLAIRE KIM As stores and recreational activity centers begin to open up across the United States, health measures unique to each ground have been set in place for the sake of visitors' and workers' health. For the Magazzino Italian Art Museum located in Hudson Valley, the art center demands all museum-goers to reserve one… Continue reading Bzzz… You’re Not 6′ Apart

Africana & Advocacy. Apparel & Accessories.

BY: CLAIRE KIM Yay! Part III! Let's celebrate those brands that embrace their Africana culture and/or promote the Black Lives Matter Movement! (For those who have not read my previous posts, just for your information, I do not take credit for coming up with these ideas) 🙂 Huge credit to Refinery 29 for the inspiration!… Continue reading Africana & Advocacy. Apparel & Accessories.

15 Black-Owned Fashion Brands You Should Shop At!

BY: CLAIRE KIM As promised yesterday, here is a list of 15 black-owned small businesses, specifically clothing stores you can shop at instead of the typical Pacsun, Ann Taylor, or Brandy Melville brands. I hope this is helpful! (Again, I want to reiterate this, but I do not take credit for coming up with these… Continue reading 15 Black-Owned Fashion Brands You Should Shop At!

25 Black-Owned Small Businesses You Should Support!

BY: CLAIRE KIM "Not only have white business owners long had easier access to capital, but many Black businesses are more vulnerable now than ever given the impact of the coronavirus. Black communities are disproportionately affected by COVID-19, and last week, the Washington Post reported “the number of working African American business owners in the United States… Continue reading 25 Black-Owned Small Businesses You Should Support!