Drug Giants to Antibiotic Startups

BY: CLAIRE KIM With small biotech startups struggling to make progress in their COVID-19 antibiotics research due to a lack of sufficient funding, this past Thursday, "twenty of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies [...] announced the creation of a $1 billion fund to buoy" such "financially strapped" businesses in an effort to bring two to… Continue reading Drug Giants to Antibiotic Startups

Drowning in work… Detrimental to our mental health

BY: CLAIRE KIM Last night, I spent 2+ hours listening to my mother rant about her frustration with her stay-at-home office duties. "I'm tired" she would say, and, to no surprise, a sigh would follow up. It was clear that the 2 decades spent working under money-hungry bosses and being neglected for pursuing her ambitions… Continue reading Drowning in work… Detrimental to our mental health

The most humble, yet most successful business mindset

BY: CLAIRE KIM Lately, I've been reading Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs and it has given me many important maxims to keep in mind. I really admire this book because it teaches me how to achieve success in our society that has become so competitive over the past few years. Learning to "Think Different" and… Continue reading The most humble, yet most successful business mindset

Apple’s unintentional threat

BY: CLAIRE KIM The iPhone has definitely been a prominent gadget over the last decade. It completely revolutionized our lives by providing our everyday essentials into a compacted digital device. Since the iPhone is so accessible, many people nowadays tend to reach for them rather than household objects such as alarm clocks, wallets, and even… Continue reading Apple’s unintentional threat