P&G’s new digital advertising plan with Facebook

BY: CLAIRE KIM Since Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, it's a given that many companies would love to partner up with them for their advantage. P&G is one of the many companies that have been working with Facebook for many different purposes. The main objective of the close relationship… Continue reading P&G’s new digital advertising plan with Facebook

Snapchat’s geo-filters are now used as ads as well?

BY: CLAIRE KIM Other than the basic Instagram and Twitter apps, Snapchat has paved themselves a new route on social media. Looking at their progression in the past year, Snapchat can easily be placed as one of the most commonly used apps from the public, especially by teens and young adults. Noticing the positive results… Continue reading Snapchat’s geo-filters are now used as ads as well?

Talking about entrepreneurship

BY: CLAIRE KIM Just last Friday, President Barack Obama and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had a very engaging panel at Stanford talking about entrepreneurship in the US and what it meant to each other individually. They both discussed many important thoughts on the preparations of starting a business and what types of motives one must possess… Continue reading Talking about entrepreneurship

Things to keep in mind as a businessman

BY: CLAIRE KIM E-commerce has become a trendy business model in the consumer space for IoT (Internet of Things). Many business companies have favored this leading idea of e-commerce over the past few years and slowly this transaction of business has become in the mainstream. Technology has now become a way to embellish a product… Continue reading Things to keep in mind as a businessman