The M.E.T. Program for upcoming college students

BY: CLAIRE KIM For many aspiring engineers or entrepreneurs, this class that Berkeley has developed will definitely benefit them no matter where they stand in society as a college freshman. The program that is being offered is called M.E.T which stands for Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology Program. The main objective of the development of this program… Continue reading The M.E.T. Program for upcoming college students

Job selections have opened wider for graduates

BY: CLAIRE KIM For the longest time, people have followed the idea that students who went to prestigious academies usually received more recognition than others who did not. However, recently this biased belief from the public has slowly been pushed aside from what job scouters are genuinely looking for in an employee. Although it is… Continue reading Job selections have opened wider for graduates

Speaking to the younger audience about code

BY: CLAIRE KIM Programming is basically a language on its own. It's no different from the basic Spanish and French that you learn at school. Web programming embraces the idea of online communication through a direct and simple script. Many leading companies such as Apple, have become more engaged in coding and have started to… Continue reading Speaking to the younger audience about code