ASMR: How Brain Tingles Can Heal

BY: CLAIRE KIM I've never been one to fully appreciate the art of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). The unwarranted whispering, perpetual tapping of different surfaces, and uncomfortable eating sounds put me in a position of deep confusion regarding why so many people found ASMR to be so "therapeutic." In fact, I perceived the tingling… Continue reading ASMR: How Brain Tingles Can Heal

Coronavirus Vaccine On Site: Eventbrite?

BY: CLAIRE KIM As of recent, official distribution of the coronavirus vaccine has begun in the United States, a prospect that seemed close to impossible in 2020. With a limited supply of vaccines and medical personnel, the vaccination process ushers a challenge that we have yet to consider seriously: though we have a tentative plan… Continue reading Coronavirus Vaccine On Site: Eventbrite?

Reference this list to see if your hand sanitizer is safe!

BY: CLAIRE KIM Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of companies have been producing hygienic products with two potential hopes: to help those in need or to help their brand because of the high demand. Essentially, for those companies following the latter sentiment, they are more interested in profiting than actually giving back to the community,… Continue reading Reference this list to see if your hand sanitizer is safe!

After the Pandemic: Change or No Change?

BY: CLAIRE KIM Yesterday, my father asked me a supposed difficult question: "Claire, do you think people will change or revert back to their normal ways of life once the coronavirus pandemic ends?" Well, from my perspective, the obvious answer is that people will NOT change once everything falls back into place. The simple explanation… Continue reading After the Pandemic: Change or No Change?

Alzheimer’s Disease, Already Diagnosed?

BY: CLAIRE KIM This past Tuesday, scientists reported that they have successfully developed a new blood test that can diagnose signs of Alzheimer's Disease, arguably more accurate and cost-efficient than the current methods used. "The test has the potential to make diagnosis simpler, more affordable, and widely available." (New York Times) According to research by… Continue reading Alzheimer’s Disease, Already Diagnosed?

Moderna Might Work

BY: CLAIRE KIM "On Monday clinics around the country began a Phase 3 trial of the vaccine candidate from Moderna, a biotech company based in Massachusetts, with the aim of enrolling 30,000 people to test for safety and effectiveness." (New York Times) Currently, the coronavirus vaccine, Moderna, is undergoing the Phase 3 examination period, a… Continue reading Moderna Might Work

The Gap Between “Professionalism” and Actual Skill

BY: CLAIRE KIM “You couldn’t trust what he said,” said Dr. Vanessa Olcese, a former chief resident who worked with Dr. Desai at Duke University Medical Center. “You would verify everything that he did and take everything he did with a grain of salt.” (New York Times) Dr. Desai, a supposed "prodigy" for his exclusive… Continue reading The Gap Between “Professionalism” and Actual Skill