IrisVision, Intuitive, In-Sight

BY: CLAIRE KIM Recently, I have been watching a k-drama called "My Holo Love" on Netflix, featuring two individuals, an eyeglass marketing manager and a GIO Lab Hologlass engineer, and an AI hologram, "Holo", stuck in an unexpected love triangle. Perhaps one of the most unique storylines ever approached in Korea's film industry, the idea… Continue reading IrisVision, Intuitive, In-Sight

Fireworks, Fevered Trauma for Veterans

BY: CLAIRE KIM While this past 4th of July declined in celebration due to the claims of persistent inequality currently present in our country (which I fully agree with), the beloved American tradition of setting off fireworks still speckled the night sky in the end. For many, despite tensions with social justice, the sight of… Continue reading Fireworks, Fevered Trauma for Veterans

Big Data, Big Player in Tracking COVID-19

BY: CLAIRE KIM Published last Thursday on, a research paper led by a team of Harvard researchers, "presented an algorithm that registered danger 14 days or more before case counts begin to increase. The system uses real-time monitoring of Twitter, Google searches, and mobility data from smartphones, among other data streams". Honestly, the idea… Continue reading Big Data, Big Player in Tracking COVID-19

“Coronavirus Is Airborne”, an arid claim for now…

BY: CLAIRE KIM According to the New York Times, "in an open letter to the W.H.O., 239 scientists in 32 countries have outlined the evidence showing that smaller particles can infect people, and are calling for the agency to revise its recommendations. The researchers plan to publish their letter in a scientific journal next week."… Continue reading “Coronavirus Is Airborne”, an arid claim for now…

A Change in Lifestyle, COVID-19 (Pt. IV)

BY: CLAIRE KIM Week 13: Wow, I can't believe it's already summer. The last few months felt like a whirlwind ever since the surge of the coronavirus, and honestly, at times, I wished time would just slow down. As much as I hated online school, there was something so special about coming together on a… Continue reading A Change in Lifestyle, COVID-19 (Pt. IV)

Corona, Chaos, Crooks

BY: CLAIRE KIM Crooks, Scammers, Conmen. Wow. Amidst all the chaos of the coronavirus, such insensible individuals still remain active in our society. Taking advantage of our vulnerability, playing with the emotions and mental instability that we are struggling with, such actions are unacceptable and further perpetuate distrust and a lack of integrity. Not being… Continue reading Corona, Chaos, Crooks