Respect for Asian Americans: Is that asking for too much?

BY: CLAIRE KIM Over the past month or so, hate crimes against Asian Americans in the United States have arisen at an alarming rate. Asian American store owners have been robbed, Asian American elders have been abused, and the Asian American community as a whole has been scathed with a treacherous amount of accusations and… Continue reading Respect for Asian Americans: Is that asking for too much?

Dear President Biden,

BY: CLAIRE KIM Given President Biden's Inauguration occurred this past week, I would like to make note of some actions I would like to see under his administration. Pandemic playbook, detailing his plans and initiatives to effectively end the coronavirus pandemicEconomic relief for those individuals who have been and are still severely being impacted by… Continue reading Dear President Biden,

USPS is a Service NOT a Business

BY: CLAIRE KIM As a result of the impending coronavirus pandemic, businesses across the United States have filed for bankruptcy or lost federal support. It's not shocking that mainstream businesses such as Home Goods, California Pizza Kitchen, J.Crew, and Sur La Table have filed for bankruptcy within the past few months as consumerism has dropped… Continue reading USPS is a Service NOT a Business

Testing has Tested My Patience

BY: CLAIRE KIM Yesterday, registration for the new fall 2020 ACT testing dates was an absolute disaster. Lack of test center options, straining the competition of the hundreds of thousands of students attempting to register, to system glitches, canceling people's registration progress, and/or not allowing anyone to enter the site at all, the whole website… Continue reading Testing has Tested My Patience

The Gap Between “Professionalism” and Actual Skill

BY: CLAIRE KIM “You couldn’t trust what he said,” said Dr. Vanessa Olcese, a former chief resident who worked with Dr. Desai at Duke University Medical Center. “You would verify everything that he did and take everything he did with a grain of salt.” (New York Times) Dr. Desai, a supposed "prodigy" for his exclusive… Continue reading The Gap Between “Professionalism” and Actual Skill

Florida School Districts Fire Back

BY: CLAIRE KIM With coronavirus cases rising in Florida amidst the second wave of the pandemic, the prospect of reopening schools has triggered both the American Federation of Teachers and The Florida Education Association to fire back at the governor, Governor Ron DeSantis, arguing against his disregard for public health and safety. Suing the governor… Continue reading Florida School Districts Fire Back