Sex Discrimination Amidst a Global Pandemic

BY: CLAIRE KIM June: a month of celebration and appreciation for those LGBTQ+ members of our community. Trump Administration: denies transgender and abortion biased individuals as eligible for health care services by changing the legal definition of sex discrimination in the Affordable Care Act. This is just blatant gender discrimination. No one deserves to be… Continue reading Sex Discrimination Amidst a Global Pandemic

Police, please wear masks

BY: CLAIRE KIM Since the outbreak of the BLM protests across the country, several thousands of citizens have encountered physical altercations with the police, intended or not. Getting beaten by a baton for screaming for justice to burning their eyes from the overuse of teargas, protestors have suffered too great of injuries in the last… Continue reading Police, please wear masks

Minnesota PD Defunded… What does this mean?

BY: CLAIRE KIM With the recent announcement of the defunding of Minnesota PD, reactions along the spectrum have occurred. Many are emotional, realizing that their efforts finally paid off, many are relieved, feeling a sense of safety and security, many are thrilled, seeing a change in our communities, and some are fearful, fearing what the… Continue reading Minnesota PD Defunded… What does this mean?

Selective Media, Skewing the BLM Movement

BY: CLAIRE KIM VIOLENCE. THUGS. BLACKS. These three words capture the essence of media coverage on the Black Lives Matter movement happening all around the country. From click-bait titles to jarring featured images, nothing speaks louder than the media's skewed concept of the BLM movement, which has, in turn, caused grief misunderstandings. Though it's arguable… Continue reading Selective Media, Skewing the BLM Movement

Who’s more vulnerable? Protected Police or Unprotected Protestors?

BY: CLAIRE KIM Just last night, I watched a horrific scene caught on camera: during one of many #BlackLivesMatter protests across the country, in New York, the NYPD is seen aggressively ramming through a crowd of civilians, injuring, if not killing many. This behavior is both aggravating and disgusting to watch, but what makes the… Continue reading Who’s more vulnerable? Protected Police or Unprotected Protestors?

W.H.O. are you to make such calls?

BY: CLAIRE KIM Yesterday, on May 29th, President Trump announced his plans to pull the US out of the W.H.O. (also known as the World Health Organization). Just for some context, the W.H.O., according to Google, is a "specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health." Quality of health care and the… Continue reading W.H.O. are you to make such calls?