Are Electric Cars Really the Green Future?

BY: CLAIRE KIM In my environmental ethics class this past week, I was asked to answer this question: Electric vehicles appear green, but there remain problems with obtaining raw materials (cobalt), production, and recycling their lithium-ion batteries. Is it more ethical for society to focus on solving these drawbacks before developing more electric vehicles, or… Continue reading Are Electric Cars Really the Green Future?

Apple/Google Maps, Is It Open?

BY: CLAIRE KIM Due to the unique circumstances of the pandemic, within the past several months, hundreds of stores and restaurants have been forced to temporarily close across the nation. Hard for business owners themselves as they are unable to profit or maintain a steady stream of income during their "hibernation" period, this shut down… Continue reading Apple/Google Maps, Is It Open?

Bzzz… You’re Not 6′ Apart

BY: CLAIRE KIM As stores and recreational activity centers begin to open up across the United States, health measures unique to each ground have been set in place for the sake of visitors' and workers' health. For the Magazzino Italian Art Museum located in Hudson Valley, the art center demands all museum-goers to reserve one… Continue reading Bzzz… You’re Not 6′ Apart

IrisVision, Intuitive, In-Sight

BY: CLAIRE KIM Recently, I have been watching a k-drama called "My Holo Love" on Netflix, featuring two individuals, an eyeglass marketing manager and a GIO Lab Hologlass engineer, and an AI hologram, "Holo", stuck in an unexpected love triangle. Perhaps one of the most unique storylines ever approached in Korea's film industry, the idea… Continue reading IrisVision, Intuitive, In-Sight

Tiktok: An Unconventional Platform for Advocacy

BY: CLAIRE KIM 800 million users worldwide. 1 App. And it's about to get banned in the US. Within the past year, Tiktok has grown into one of the most popular, if not most popular, social media apps across all age groups, ranging from young adolescents who create dance content to adults who share cooking… Continue reading Tiktok: An Unconventional Platform for Advocacy

Big Data, Big Player in Tracking COVID-19

BY: CLAIRE KIM Published last Thursday on, a research paper led by a team of Harvard researchers, "presented an algorithm that registered danger 14 days or more before case counts begin to increase. The system uses real-time monitoring of Twitter, Google searches, and mobility data from smartphones, among other data streams". Honestly, the idea… Continue reading Big Data, Big Player in Tracking COVID-19

(AR) T

BY: CLAIRE KIM Beyond the iPhone, Apple has released several innovative products that have drawn flattery from both users and critics for its artistic elegance. Stunning retina displays, sleek glass hardware, and soft buttons, Apple has constantly delivered devices that radiate in beauty and simplicity. With so much artistic potential, Apple has teamed up with… Continue reading (AR) T

Detecting HIV Early On

BY: CLAIRE KIM With growing technology efforts in the health field, some investors have gained interest in solving the HIV crisis through the invention of a special algorithm. This algorithm, inspired by researchers at Harvard and Kaiser Permanente Northern California, allows hospitals to detect patients with a risk of HIV through a careful analysis of… Continue reading Detecting HIV Early On

Looking Through Google Lenses

BY: CLAIRE KIM Kids who suffer from autism often find themselves restricted in their expressions and emotions. Struggling with this communication barrier, those with autism tend to be misinterpreted as people associate their loud screaming to be just an aimless form of excitement when really they are crying for help. In such cases, getting through… Continue reading Looking Through Google Lenses