Thoughts about Priscilla Chan’s life journey


When I look at Priscilla Chan, she always reminds me of the importance of ambition and how it can help me embark on the ride to become successful in the future.

“She showed me that having differences is normal and that I didn’t have to be afraid of the differences in all of us”. I could never agree less with what she stated here. It took me some time to understand what this was truly trying to speak to me about. I took her words as a deep message of how individuality is something that should be appreciated, and not looked down upon. For the longest time of my life, I always thought that being different from others around me meant that I wasn’t allowed to be included. However, Priscilla’s ideas have allowed me to realize that sometimes being alike within everyone else is not the most ideal.

As I continued to read her story, I stumbled upon something that really impacted me, to become a doctor. Honestly, it was so emotional and heartbreaking to me that she would see young kids abused like that, and that there was really no “antibiotic” to “cure” the wounds for them, and I could completely understand. This led me to the thought of how important child abuse is played in society right now, and it actually scares me that it continues to happen.

After I finished reading her story, I felt an inner sense of emotions about the challenges we go through. We all face different situations that can be awkward or may seem exhilarating, but that is life. I realized that it doesn’t matter if you are well put off or are highly more intelligent than others, the way to be successful is to put yourself out there with motivation and confidence.

I can honestly say that Priscilla may be one of the few out there that shows how passionate she is in her field of work. And because of this, she has the mindset to continue to expand her interests through education and care. This has helped influence me to become more strong about what I plan to do with my life and my career, which is surprisingly, only a few years away from where I am standing right now.

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