21st Century Healthcare

BY: CLAIRE KIM The 21st-century has brought a lot of amazing surprises to our doors. We are seeing driverless cars, robots, drones, and many other advancedĀ technologies that have been slowly lurking in our lives. What I've always wanted to see is the connection between healthcare and technology more specifically (AI; Artificial Intelligence). Now it seems… Continue reading 21st Century Healthcare

The World’s Largest Vacuum

BY: CLAIRE KIM Innovation and efficiency have been two of the most top trending icons in technology today. We see large companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, and many other competitors seeking these two qualities in their product design that it's no longer surprising at all. With innovation and efficiency, any product can become useful. Self-driving… Continue reading The World’s Largest Vacuum

The Influence “13 Reasons Why” has on Teens

BY: CLAIRE KIM As a teen, I struggle with many issues. There is puberty, drama, school, and a ton of other factors that create a stressful environment for teens like me every day. Besides these already obvious conflicts, we also sometimes deal with peer pressure, bullying, abuse, and even not understanding our self-worth. There is… Continue reading The Influence “13 Reasons Why” has on Teens