ASMR: How Brain Tingles Can Heal

BY: CLAIRE KIM I've never been one to fully appreciate the art of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). The unwarranted whispering, perpetual tapping of different surfaces, and uncomfortable eating sounds put me in a position of deep confusion regarding why so many people found ASMR to be so "therapeutic." In fact, I perceived the tingling… Continue reading ASMR: How Brain Tingles Can Heal

Dear President Biden,

BY: CLAIRE KIM Given President Biden's Inauguration occurred this past week, I would like to make note of some actions I would like to see under his administration. Pandemic playbook, detailing his plans and initiatives to effectively end the coronavirus pandemicEconomic relief for those individuals who have been and are still severely being impacted by… Continue reading Dear President Biden,

Coronavirus Vaccine On Site: Eventbrite?

BY: CLAIRE KIM As of recent, official distribution of the coronavirus vaccine has begun in the United States, a prospect that seemed close to impossible in 2020. With a limited supply of vaccines and medical personnel, the vaccination process ushers a challenge that we have yet to consider seriously: though we have a tentative plan… Continue reading Coronavirus Vaccine On Site: Eventbrite?