YouTube’s impacts on video and music production

BY: CLAIRE KIM YouTube has become a big thing now. It started as a video network that let people who wanted to broadcast something have the opportunity to, through their own YouTube channels. This idea of YouTube and creating our own content and then publicizing it out for the public has become used in so… Continue reading YouTube’s impacts on video and music production

Talking about entrepreneurship

BY: CLAIRE KIM Just last Friday, President Barack Obama and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had a very engaging panel at Stanford talking about entrepreneurship in the US and what it meant to each other individually. They both discussed many important thoughts on the preparations of starting a business and what types of motives one must possess… Continue reading Talking about entrepreneurship

Job selections have opened wider for graduates

BY: CLAIRE KIM For the longest time, people have followed the idea that students who went to prestigious academies usually received more recognition than others who did not. However, recently this biased belief from the public has slowly been pushed aside from what job scouters are genuinely looking for in an employee. Although it is… Continue reading Job selections have opened wider for graduates

Google Glass seeks vision for autistic children?

BY: CLAIRE KIM How beautiful would it be if everyone in the world did not lurk a disease or disorder? That would be incredible, however, unfortunately, it is not possible. There are numerous amounts of people, especially children that are in this state and cannot help but be that way for the rest of their… Continue reading Google Glass seeks vision for autistic children?

Biometrics: the new password for banks

BY: CLAIRE KIM For a long time, we have been relying on our brains to memorize passwords or any other identification statuses for us to access our bank accounts. However, with these so-called "passwords" they are not becoming as effective as they were before. Before major hacking offices and numerous identity thefts in the past… Continue reading Biometrics: the new password for banks