A Change in Lifestyle, COVID-19 (Pt. 3)

BY: CLAIRE KIM Week 9: Currently, AP FRQs and stimulus-based questions have consumed my entire life. My first two AP exams are next week and, quite honestly, I'm somewhat nervous. Though the tests are shorter and less dense in material, the whole submission process and the idea of pursuing the test alone are intimidating to… Continue reading A Change in Lifestyle, COVID-19 (Pt. 3)

W.H.O. are you to make such calls?

BY: CLAIRE KIM Yesterday, on May 29th, President Trump announced his plans to pull the US out of the W.H.O. (also known as the World Health Organization). Just for some context, the W.H.O., according to Google, is a "specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health." Quality of health care and the… Continue reading W.H.O. are you to make such calls?

“Captured”: COVID-19 Consequences in China?

BY: CLAIRE KIM "Big Brother," they say... We've all heard of China's Corporate Social Credit System. Organized by China's Communist Party themselves, this system leverages the government to probe all private information of Chinese citizens through the use of big data. It's complex; points are accumulated based on the merit of one's actions, leading to… Continue reading “Captured”: COVID-19 Consequences in China?

The Coronavirus is NOT a joke

BY: CLAIRE KIM Huntington Beach Protest. Ozark, Missouri Lake Crowding. How can people be so ignorant? With the US death toll reaching over 100,000 in the past few months, are these numbers not enough to prove the extent of the coronavirus? I'm tired of seeing young, educated adults complaining about the pandemic, using this minor… Continue reading The Coronavirus is NOT a joke

APs, COVID-19: A Toll on Teen Mental Health

BY: CLAIRE KIM AP: Advanced Placement... or Absolute Pain? I think the latter. During this past week of May, I have completed two AP exams through the online format that has been provided by the college board. And let me tell you, it was very overwhelming. Already pressured with the content of the exam itself,… Continue reading APs, COVID-19: A Toll on Teen Mental Health

US Medical Centers: “Infected” Financially

BY: CLAIRE KIM According to the New York Times, "Hospitals say they are losing money when they treat Covid-19 patients because of the lengthy and intensive medical care these patients need." Amid the outbreak of the coronavirus earlier this year, thousands of hospitals across the US have been forced to shut down all "nonessential" services.… Continue reading US Medical Centers: “Infected” Financially