An upcoming job crisis because of AI/robots

BY: CLAIRE KIM Recently, there has been some discussion of career choices that will have more impacts from AI/robots in the future. From this article, I have learned about ten jobs that will be strongly influenced by the AI/robots wave. As I was reading, I mostly reacted negatively because some jobs seemed like so much… Continue reading An upcoming job crisis because of AI/robots

Macy enhances their customers’ shopping experience

BY: CLAIRE KIM Macy’s is adopting Artificial Intelligence to enhance their customers’ shopping experience. The long-chain department store and IBM's Watson have collaborated to create a new system for their shopping customers. This new system that Macy's is trying out involves a pilot program that will help customers to experience in-store shopping in a much… Continue reading Macy enhances their customers’ shopping experience

Is it ok for my children to have access to phones now?

BY: CLAIRE KIM As a teenager, I admit that I have owned a phone twice in my life. Through those two experiences, I have learned that being responsible is very important. Since phones include many fun outlets for young adults like myself, we can easily be attracted to anything that appears on our screens. To… Continue reading Is it ok for my children to have access to phones now?

Bluetooth LE- connected devices upgraded with AR

BY: CLAIRE KIM Honestly, ever since AR and VR gave a good response, companies are going all out in producing the best products with them. Unlike before, a company named Pixie Technology has started its newest project with AR by using it to enhance its Bluetooth LE- connected devices. Pixie is a very well known… Continue reading Bluetooth LE- connected devices upgraded with AR