AR headsets help construction projects?

BY: CLAIRE KIM There are so many great ways to use AR to our advantage and leisure. Augmented Reality has made yet another comeback with its technology to help construction companies design and build stronger structures. Through HoloLens lenses, builders can see the blueprint digitally and detect problems that may occur during the process. With… Continue reading AR headsets help construction projects?

P&G’s new digital advertising plan with Facebook

BY: CLAIRE KIM Since Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, it's a given that many companies would love to partner up with them for their advantage. P&G is one of the many companies that have been working with Facebook for many different purposes. The main objective of the close relationship… Continue reading P&G’s new digital advertising plan with Facebook

Are women capable of becoming successful CEOs?

BY: CLAIRE KIM "For many women leaders, she embodies the particular challenge of being female and in charge." Still to this day, there is discrimination against women whether its by salary, job positions, or even roles in society. When it comes to roles that require leadership or being in charge, most of the time men… Continue reading Are women capable of becoming successful CEOs?

The M.E.T. Program for upcoming college students

BY: CLAIRE KIM For many aspiring engineers or entrepreneurs, this class that Berkeley has developed will definitely benefit them no matter where they stand in society as a college freshman. The program that is being offered is called M.E.T which stands for Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology Program. The main objective of the development of this program… Continue reading The M.E.T. Program for upcoming college students