My Thoughts on My School Going Hybrid

BY: CLAIRE KIM Given the intense amount of screen-viewing, online material, and use of technology for my classwork, I am excited to see my school take on a hybrid learning model in the coming months of the school year. As many people have probably stated, distance learning is basically online learning. Thus, under such circumstances,… Continue reading My Thoughts on My School Going Hybrid

Testing has Tested My Patience

BY: CLAIRE KIM Yesterday, registration for the new fall 2020 ACT testing dates was an absolute disaster. Lack of test center options, straining the competition of the hundreds of thousands of students attempting to register, to system glitches, canceling people's registration progress, and/or not allowing anyone to enter the site at all, the whole website… Continue reading Testing has Tested My Patience

Florida School Districts Fire Back

BY: CLAIRE KIM With coronavirus cases rising in Florida amidst the second wave of the pandemic, the prospect of reopening schools has triggered both the American Federation of Teachers and The Florida Education Association to fire back at the governor, Governor Ron DeSantis, arguing against his disregard for public health and safety. Suing the governor… Continue reading Florida School Districts Fire Back

ICE, F1, Online Classes: A Difficult Prospect for International Students

BY: CLAIRE KIM The Trump administration's recent announcement on visa regulations, demanding that all international students studying in the US be barred from staying in the country if colleges fully transition to online courses, is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, the expectation that thousands of international students can find other appropriate schooling opportunities within a… Continue reading ICE, F1, Online Classes: A Difficult Prospect for International Students

Children’s Books… More Reality, Less Fantasy

BY: CLAIRE KIM Perhaps children are too exposed to a world in which rainbows and magic appear to solve all problems or concerns... Struggling? Here's a pinch of fairy dust to disappear from your problems. Feel threatened? Just snap your fingers and voila; everything is back to normal. Such ideals featured in children's books have,… Continue reading Children’s Books… More Reality, Less Fantasy

Coronavirus? College Admissions?

BY: CLAIRE KIM SAT. ACT. GPA. Three three-letter words that help make millions of decisions for college admissions officers during the fall. They're weighted so immensely in the college database that almost all juniors plan to submit such test scores or numerical rankings to colleges in hopes of receiving acceptance. For decades, these stats have… Continue reading Coronavirus? College Admissions?

California’s education board finally grasps the situation

BY: CLAIRE KIM Being raised in the heart of the Bay Area, off the coast of California kind of makes me biased towards this controversial issue. Of course, it would be nice to let a higher percentage of residents of the state get admitted, but I disagree with the fact that students would only get chosen… Continue reading California’s education board finally grasps the situation