Drivers Licenses = No Privacy


Have you ever wondered why there aren’t as many surveillance cameras on US streets in comparison to other countries? Or have you ever noticed people carrying laptops with stickers on their camera holes? All of these situations collect to one conclusion: US citizens view privacy seriously.

With this in mind, it is normal to see how ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has been targeted with criticism for its lack of consideration of user privacy. Able to analyze millions of drivers licenses without user knowledge, ICE has been both commended for its technological advancement and criticized for its secretive actions.

To some people, this breach of privacy has received critical remarks for the simple reason that it disrespects their right to remain private as a US citizen. Extending their right to privacy in this situation, the recent behaviors ICE has been exhibiting throughout their “investigations” can be deemed as inappropriate from an individual’s perspective.

On the other side, some people find ICE’s conduct as acceptable and innovative as it allows them to be more secure and safe with their investigations as opposed to physical confrontation. Less manipulation and more accurate results can appear from this method which makes the facial recognition algorithm all the better to keep in society as well.

So what do you think, is ICE doing a good job or a bad job?

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