Airline Travel, Is It Safe?


A travel enthusiast myself, the lack of global and even domestic in-state experiences in recent months has been saddening. This summer, in early June, I had plans to go to the east coast to visit colleges and universities, yet all such hopes of ever touring the campus and, or region have diminished due to the rise of the global pandemic. Just the idea of sitting in a plane with other individuals cramped in one space for hours on end while wearing a mask is horrifying to consider; and, I would expect, even more, dangerous to experience in real life.

Perhaps, however, some would disagree with this sentiment. Looking at the numbers, statistics show that several individuals are taking advantage of the cheaper plane tickets, flying to different cities and countries, despite the current situation of the pandemic: unpredictable and fatal.

Other than the claim that airfare travel is cheap and affordable nowadays, many have stated that another reason to continue flying comes from the supposed safety efforts and precautions emphasized by the airports and airlines involved. With intense health screenings, COVID-19 tests, and temperature checks in place, many travelers have felt a sense of safety pursuing such ambitions of travel, further indicating their negligence of the coronavirus’ symptom schedule.

About 40% of transmission occurs before people feel sick.

In other words, claiming to be healthy and uninfected during the current stages of examination at the airport or airplane can easily be a false assumption due to the virus’ tendency to show symptoms later on after the initial transmission. In fact, most people, once exposed, tend to show symptoms three to even seven days later, depending on one’s immune system and bodily processes.

Thus, despite the efforts made by airports and airlines, it’s safe to say that staying at home in your community is still the safest and best option for rest and relaxation. I mean, why risk the cost of the plane tickets, if you’re going to get sick in the end?

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